Why an Erasmus+?

How to make schools more attractive and creative


Children who start school for the first time are really willing to do that. The school, which is the place for learning, should be a place that everybody likes and is the beginning of a new adventure. Time passes and students do not want to spend their time that much at school. They literally watch time go by and look forward to leaving school as soon as possible. What is our fault in this? Why have they stopped enjoying and school has become a duty? Our aim with this project is to make children have fun during their school time and make school a place where they can have fun and develop their creativity. Creating a healthy, attractive living space for students is our main objective. According to the studies of Robinson and Wasson, getting poor marks,leaving or not attending school, depression and aggressiveness are the probable outcomes of the high level of boredom at school. A research by Columbia University dated 2003 proved that smoking, drinking alcohol and using drugs are the result of the boredom of young people in the U.S. and those addictions become 50% higher in bored students compared to the ones who are not.


We are 5 schools from 5 countries: Poland, Romania, Greece, Spain and Turkey. Our project participants have different levels .As a result of having some problems, we chose different levels of schools. Students,parents and school staff of the partner school will be participants.


During our project, we aim the mobility of 5 short-term student groups.19 learning-teaching activities will be planned. Main goals of these activities are learning new cultures and traditions, exchanging good practices, respecting others, developing their experiences.


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