Comenius multilateral school partnership - Building a European Identity Through Art

Comenius Partnerships will promote joint cooperation activities between local and regional education authorities. The partnerships will give educational authorities, in cooperation with schools and other actors in education, the opportunity to work together on topics of mutual interest. They will help the participating regions to develop and exchange best practice, to develop sustainable cooperation across borders, to strengthen the European dimension in school education and to offer European learning experiences to teachers and pupils and administrators.

We have choosed together...
mrgreenWe used surveys to choose from all the best slogan for our project. And, most voted slogan for our Comenius project was.... evil Our students have also written verses about Europe, France, Italy, Spain and Turkey. Then, we voted for the ones we like best, so that we have achieved a complete song comprising five verses. And, most voted was => chorus for our song cry verses for the BEITA.

In projects where there are people geographically dispersed that will generate multimedia resources, can be useful to have a centralized website to share all the digital materials and resources generated. There are many tools, but wiki technology is probably the best suited to this kind of collaborative projects. Presentation about Emprende Wiki .com cry Examples of content that can be embed into Emprende Wiki.

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