Velez Malaga Early Modern


"Thanks be to God sirs, for bringing us to such good quarters for if I do not deceive myself the ground we stand on is that of Velez Malaga" Don Quixote, Miguel de Cervantes


The new Christian authorities brought a new concept of city and shortly after the conquest there were substantial changes in urban morphology. Public squares and new civic and religious buildings, which led to significant spatial transformations were ordered. Thus, on the ancient mosques churches of Santa Maria, San Juan, San Roque and San Juan Evangelista, the convent of San Francisco and the chapels of San Sebastian, San Cristobal and Santa Catalina. In The Second Half of the XVI century there was a large urban development with the construction of monasteries Because of Our Lady of Grace and San José de la Soledad , leading to the call convent city. The guards in the civil buildings , Hospitals Los Lazarinos and San Marcos develop. The Battle of Málaga of Isaac Sailmaker. It was the largest naval battle of the War of Spanish Succession. Took place off the coast of Vélez -Málaga on August 24, 1704.

Velez -Malaga became the hub of the area, which still maintains As the capital of La Axarquia. In Torre del Mar most concentrated, ex parte Crop vines and citrus of a region and from there it was sold and exported to northern Europe . Other lands were cultivated with cereals, vegetables
During the XVII century saw a decline in population due to epidemics and wars that affected Spain at the time. The raids of Turkish and Berber pirates were constant in this century. The towers coast watchers gave alarm detachment based in Vélez, which temporarily housed the General captaincy of Costa. The municipal Council was monopolized by the oligarchy and even regiments became privately owned. The municipal Council was monopolized by the oligarchy and even regiments became privately owned. Vélez - Málaga supported the Bourbons during the war of Spanish succession and witnessed the August 23, 1704, the naval confrontation known as the battle of Vélez - Málaga, nico-francesa was faced with an Anglo - Dutch fleet. Between the two, were 146 boats and more than 46,000 men in combat, which killed more than 4,500, while none of the parties would be given clearly by victorious. The 18th century was a time of growth in which are built or restored many churches and public buildings. It also improved the infrastructure of the city and they were to know the ideas of the enlightenment with the creation in 1783 of the economic society of friends of the country.

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