Rugby in Velez Malaga


"Thanks be to God sirs, for bringing us to such good quarters for if I do not deceive myself the ground we stand on is that of Velez Malaga" Don Quixote, Miguel de Cervantes


CR Axarquí­a
In Vélez - Málaga, we can practise rugby thanks to CR Axarquí­a, whose training is in Fernando Ruiz Hierro Stadium, it has got a defined time board.

For the young players the time board is 19:00 until 20:30 nearly, Tuesday and Thursday.
For the seniors (+18) the time board is 20:03 until 22:00, Tuesday and Thursday.

By paying 37€, you could enjoy one of your better experience in the sports that you'll never could dream.
Enjoy the friendship and teamwork to improve with your teammates , enjoy even the last breath in every match in a sport where win doesn't matter at all , the important thing is how much you will enjoy it.


Polideportivo Municipal Fernando Ruiz Hierro.
Calle Jaima.
Vélez - Málaga.

If you want to participate you only need to go, introduce yourself and enjoy!.
If you really like or just want to try you can enjoy 4 training FREE!

Created by:
Juan Miguel Moreno Fernández
Antonio Gómez Salado

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