Maenoba Scientia - Mind control of objects

Revista de Ciencia e Ingenierí­a del IES Almenara

A system will permit to move the wheelchair by the mental control.

A group of investigators of the University of Malaga has done a system based in the registration of the cerebral activity that permit to control some machine by the mind. The mechanism is done for that the disabled person realize actions if only this person think it. It is based in a interfaz which connect the brain to a computer by superficial electrodes. The user must put on a cap and train before, whit the helpful of a psychologist, until he understand to control his/her encephalographic
sign. Moreover of curious applications like to pilot a plane in a game computer or a car, this system will permit to get that several disabled people which can't control their muscles, they will able to drive a wheelchair or to send easy messages like for example "I have got thirst". The teacher and investigator Ricardo Ron has already thunk in the development of a virtual keyboard whit a better broadband which permit to the disabled to write words faster that the existing applications nowadays.


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