BEITA-best chorus quiz

Help us to choose...

One of the activities planned in the Comenius project Beita is the creation of a song in English between 4 partner schools. The chorus has been worked by the French students, who will have to also write a verse about Spain. The Spanish school have to write verses about France, Italy and Turkey. The Turks will make up the music and the Italians will prepare the choreography. There are 4 proposals for chorus and web must decide the most like. There are four options:

Option 1:

Stand up, get up to dance

what a wonderful chance

art has no border

and differences are what makes us better


Option 2:

If we get such a feeling

It's because we're singing

Because art has no borders

Let's give art to others


Option 3:

Comenius is amazing, fun and fantastic.

It could be cool, relationships and magic.

But it will be more interesting

If we can play and sing!


Option 4:

A smile is your style

you feel like singing

sing and dance

we don't care about the difference

four countries but part of the same story

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