Aims of Comenius Regio Get Set for 2012


"¢ To create a partnership which encourages an inclusive and collaborative approach to learning.
"¢ To explore cultural identity through a creative exploration of a variety of dance styles in both communities.
"¢ To use the media and ICT to enrich the learning experience of our students to explore Olympic values of respect, admiration, friendship, determination, equality, courage and excellence by creating a collaborative film (DVD) reflecting these themes through dance, music and drama.
"¢ To develop learners' values and perception of themselves and the world in which they live by taking into consideration our differences and similarities in cultural exchange project in Citizenship.
"¢ To facilitate teachers' professional development through sharing of good practice by developing new skills and understanding of "˜teaching' and "˜learning' styles relating to dance (music) and sport.
"¢ To collaborate with our feeder primary schools both in Velez-Malaga and Penketh and also with our sporting partners to foster the Olympic ethos by investigating ways to promote youth involvement in Sport.

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